Friday, December 18, 2009

Christians and Vampires

Lately there has been new Vampire craze due to the Twighlight novels and movies. Since I am feeling a little dark and gothic at the moment I thought I would write a little bit about Vampires and Christians.

Ever since Bram Stoker wrote the book Dracula, our image of what Vampires are has drastically changed from how they were originally seen. We tend to see Vampires as almost elegant, noble, sensual and even sexy. However for the Eastern European (Slavic) peoples who we get the legends from and even the word "vampire", they were unhuman - distorted versions of humanity. Originally the word for vampire, witch and werewolf were synonymous with eachother. This meant that the person was seen as unclean, devoid of grace and not really living - but a distortion of humanity. In Russia the Vampire was referred to as a heretic, someone who had rejected the truth of Christianity and now was living-dead.

We can see all this as allegories for us as Christians. Through sin we have lost our true humanity and are doomed to live but not have life within us. We live but spiritually we are dead. We become a sort of "Spiritual Vampire" in the sense that we need to feed on the Body and Blood of Jesus in order to have Eternal Life. The is the sublimity and at the same time earthy glory of the Eucharist. We Catholics believe that when we receive communion that we are not receiving Jesus symbolically, but really and truly present - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

As a result of Original Sin and our own personal sins we have lost our humanity, we have lost grace and now are spiritually dead. So this is why we need to feed on the Life of Jesus who is the true Human. His Blood is His very Life, and it restores our humanity. Without Him we are just animalistic vicious disfigured distortions of who we are created to be.

So in this sense we could then say that Christians are the true Vampires


  1. Bro don' mix saint and damned.In God Is no darknes

  2. Good evening.

    May I ask you where you found the wonderful icon of Saint Faustina we can see on your blog ?

    Best regards.

  3. I'd prefer not to be equated with a vampire, but I do see your point. I think since Satan is the one who 'apes' Vampires are the dark sinister copy of Catholics. We prefer light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. I do like the way you think Methodius. Btw, I hope you're doing better now. I read the post above and I too struggle. Sometimes it's like a blanket, musty and dank that gets thrown over me...but when I do start praying, it does get lighter. I've been up and down the past week. The down is very frightening and I almost panic...but when I do focus on a prayer, a Hail Mary or watch something edifying it lifts somewhat. It's a struggle for sure, but one that I have to 'unite' to His suffering for the poor souls, and for the salvation of my family. God bless you. PAX CHRISTI.

  4. Sorry for my late reply.

    Taliesin: I honestly cannot remember where I found it, but if you google St Faustina images I am sure you will come across it eventually.

    Susie: thankyou for your prayers, they are much appreciated.