Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pilgrimage of Faith

Where are you leading me to and
Whom are you taking
me to, My Consoler?
Why do you lead me as one blind,
along ways that I know not,
and how is it that you make the
crooked paths before me straight?
What is this Pilgrimage of Faith
and where is its destination?

Confused in this wilderness,
lost in the dark desert -
where to now?
Why have you abandoned me
in the Silent Mystery of Solitude?
I search and thirst for meaning
in the aridity of my soul,
but nothing satisfies me.

Deeper and deeper I wander
searching for Truth,
longing for someone who will
be able to quench my thirst.
Desperate and vulnerable in my
Sheer Naked Desire,
I finally let go of everything
and abandon myself in Unknowing.

Here in the humility of Nothingness,
I suddenly pierce through the
overwhelming Melancholy of Illusion,
and my senses become flooded with Divine Light.
Purified and illuminated I have entered
into the Chamber of Transformative Union.

Here in the cavernous depths of Being,
enlightened by the Splendour of Love
I have discovered the True Fountain
of Living Water.
Overwhelmed by the anxiety of uncertainty,
I approach the pristine waters of consolation.
Gazing upon the Sparkling Brilliance,
I catch a glimpse of the Spirit
hovering over the River of Re-Creation.

Unable to resist the lure any longer,
I plunge myself into the unfathomable depths.
Immersed in this torrent of pleasure
and tasting the Sweetness of Presence,
I delve deeper and deeper into
the overflowing and outporing
Mystery of Infinite Encounter -
with the One who is the Omega Point.
The Source, Summit and Peak
of humanity in its progress towards
final and Everlasting Destination.

Methodius 10/1/2006

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