Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cor Jesu, amore vulneratum, consolator afflictorum et raptor cordium - miserere nobis

The title is taken from 3 of the petitions from St John Eudes Litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  1. Heart of Jesus, wounded with love
  2. Heart of Jesus, consoler of the afflicted
  3. Heart of Jesus, ravisher of hearts
The reason why I am posting this is because my boyfriend and I just broke up this morning after a year and a half together. We’ve had many issues for months now.

We are both at different places in our lives. I am getting back into my faith after my retreat with the monks in New Norcia WA, and I think he could sense that so that was the final breaking point to push me away before he got hurt if I was to discern religious life again. Our relationship has been non sexual for a while now, and I think God was using this time to bring me back to practicing my faith, it was a way to prepare my to live as a celibate gay catholic.

Today when I got home after crying , I decided to pray the Divine Office - and lauds had everything that I needed. The reading for the day was from the letter of the Romans about nothing separating us from the love of Christ and that we are conquerors in all things through His love. Also the intercession were “stay with us Lord Jesus”

So I am accepting this breakup as part of God’s will for my life and to bring me back to Him. I am coming back to my faith after 6 years of falling away and living a sexual lifestyle. I have deleted all my hookup apps and website I had profiles on to keep me away from the temptation against chastity.

Please keep me in your prayers today that I can remain strong and continue trusting God, not growing despondent and as we prepare for the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that He may be able to console my aching heart.

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