Friday, April 14, 2017

The perfection of Redemption

Today as I was at the Good Friday liturgy, the homily was on Jesus' words "Cosummatum est" and how as the suffering servant He completed the task of our Redemption - making it perfect. 

The Bible tells us multiple ways in which Jesus redeemed us. By his humility, suffering, setting an example of obedience, his love for us and his bloody sacrifice on the cross. Jesus has opened up the Gates to Heaven for us that we're closed to Adam and Eve. His cross is they key that unlocks our salvation. 

The perfection of our Redemption is Jesus purchasing us back from the snares of Satan and sin, breaking the chains of bondage keeping us in death. We have been Redeemed from the Kingdom of darkness and transferred to the kingdom of Light.  

Christ has purchased us with His precious blood, better than any gold or silver. 

Although today we mystically participate in Jesus death on the Cross as part of the Paschal Mystery, we also know that His death has Redeemed us, healed us, saved us from sin and the power of Satan. Jesus through dying has gone to experience the darkness and abandonment of death, but also to preach to those prisoned in the bosom of Abraham. With the Prophet Job we can proclaim "I know my redeemer lives!!" 

Holy God
Holy Mighty One 
Holy Immortal One 
Have mercy on us 


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