Sunday, September 8, 2013

IT has been a long time since I have updated this blog.

It is one of those things that is always in the back of my mind, but I never get around to updating it. Too lazy - physically and spiritually.

I was planning to update it when my beloved Pope Benedict XVI abdicated and renounced the See of Peter. I remember I was catching up with a seminarian friend when I heard he had announced his resignation. I was in shock, I felt orphaned. Here was a man who I loved and admired a LOT. I felt he was restoring the Church slowly, and bringing back Orthodoxy and the beauty of worship in Liturgy.

My friend and I prayed a rosary for him and trusted in the Holy Spirit. But it was hard. I could not think of any Cardinals who were worthy enough, intellectual enough, orthodox enough to replace him.

Then out of no where came Pope Francis. I was in shock and very reserved, because he was a Jesuit, and I am not very fond of them lol.
There was so much talk of his so called "humility"' and the media was instantly in love with him.

This put me off him a lot. It felt like within a week, he was undoing what had taken Pope Benedict 8 years to restore. But slowly over time I am getting used to him. I am beginning to love him and respect him more, although sometimes I will admit he still makes me cringe.

One day I was thinking about Pope Benedict's legacy, and then it hit me. If I love and admire him so much - then I have to accept Pope Francis. If Pope Benedict had not stepped down, then Pope Francis would not have been elected. So in that regard it has helped me to be more open and positive towards him.

Although there are many things I am still wary of about him. He still is doing a lot of good in the Church. Helping restore the public image. Also I believe his request for prayer & fasting for Syria is a great grace.

Recently I have moved into a semi rural area, and I live close to a large shrine to Our Lady. So I went there today and prayed a Rosary for peace in Syria, for Pope Francis' intentions and also for Pope Benedict.

I will admit that I very rarely pray now. I only go to mass for Christmas and Easter. My prayer life is usually grace when I eat, then a Hail Mary everytime I drive past Our Lady's shine - and that is about it.

I had my first relationship recently for about 5 months. I loved it. It was so nice to finally have someone to love and care for, and have them love me back. Unfortunately the guy I was dating was not ready for a serious relationship and broke up with me. It hurt me a lot and made me realise a lot about myself. But at least now, I am beginning to make some more time for prayer again and starting to read again.

Currently I am reading a book on Eschatology by Matthew Levering. It is very well written, and deals with many issues not often discussed in modern theology anymore.

Anyway, this is my little update done for now. Hopefully it won't take me another year to update it again. Keep me in your prayers.

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